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Fever Detection Camera System by Safe Home Security

Our thermal imaging system includes the best in available, non-military cameras, combined with powerful AI. This detection method allows for pinpoint accuracy of +- 0.5 degrees C from up to 9m (30ft) away.

Having a high temperature is a symptom of Covid-19 and is often the first symptom health care professionals will check. Help front-line workers and protect others by screening those entering your facility, business, airport, school, or other points of contact.

How It Works

  • Setup our tabletop thermal camera system in 15 to 20 minutes – no network or infrastructure required.
  • Staff, customers, guests, travelers, or other patrons pass through the entry or lineup all while maintaining a physical distance.
  • Should someone pass by who has a fever or high temperature, an audible alert sounds and that person can be taken for additional screening. The system can also be set up to send alerts to specific users’ phones or a central station for further action.

Key Features

  • Process up to 30 individual temperatures with leading AI facial recognition technology
  • Contactless – maintain distance while entering and don’t endanger staff
  • Accurate at 9m (30ft) to +/- 0.5° C
  • Fast-tracking recognition – walk at a steady pace through the checkpoint
  • Simple to set up and operate – can be pre-configured and shipped
  • Cost-effective – A single deployment can free up staff at a health care facility and pay for itself in 1 week with the savings
  • Give customers, staff, and the public confidence you are providing the safest environment possible


Does the system detect disease or virus?

The camera system detects human body temperature. No camera system can detect what illness a person has but it does give an indication of potential symptoms. Anyone presenting with a fever should be secondarily screened and referred to a health professional.

Why did you choose this specific thermal camera system?

Yes to both. Training for system use can be done on-site or remotely. It is very easy to physically set up on a tabletop and simple to operate. If needed, a technician can provide initial training at your location or one of our partner guard organizations can supply an on-site operator. Let us know your specific needs and we will do our part to help.

What is the cost?

Package prices vary. Our thermal imaging package is less expensive than most systems available in North America. Its value is second to none. Labour cost savings alone for business or government applications should provide payback of a kit within 1 to 3 months. Larger organizations such as hospitals could realize the labour cost savings within days.

Is this suitable for public retail use?

Generally, yes. At this time, we are only deploying our imaging system within Canada. Depending on your jurisdiction there may be specific regulations that apply to use. Contact us for information.

Are there options for business use?

Yes. Though government organizations commonly deploy thermal fever screening systems around the world, many businesses are utilizing this technology. We are happy to assist with leasing and purchase options.

Thermal Imaging Camera Specs

Thermal Module

Image Sensor: Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays

Max. Resolution: 384 × 288

Pixel Interval: 17μm

Response Waveband: 8 μm to 14 μm

NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference): ≤ 35 mk (@25 °C,F# = 1.0)

Lens (Focal Length): 15 mm

IFOV: 1.13 mrad

Field of View: 24.5° × 18.5° (H × V)

Min. Focusing Distance: 2.5 m

Aperture: Th

Optical Module

Max. Image Resolution: 2688 × 1520

Image Sensor: 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS

Min. Illumination:
Color: 0.0089 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON)
B/W: 0.0018 Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON)

Shutter Speed: 1 s to 1/100,000 s

Lens (Focal Length): 6 mm

Field of View: 51.7° × 28° (H × V)

WDR: 120 dB

Day & Night: IR cut filter with auto switch

Image Function

Bi-spectrum Image Fusion: Display the details of the optical channel on the thermal channel

Picture in Picture: Display partial image of the thermal channel on the full screen of the optical channel

Smart Function

Temperature Measurement: 3 temperature measurement rule types, 21 rules in total (10 points, 10 areas, and 1 line)

Temperature Range: 30 °C to + 45 °C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

24 VAC± 25%, 12 VDC± 25%, two-core terminal block
PoE (802.3af, class 3)

Power Consumption:
18 VAC to 30 VAC: 0.38 A to 0.22 A, max. 9 W
9 VDC to 15 VDC: 0.63 A to 1.06 A, max. 9 W
PoE (802.3af, class 3): 44 V to 57 V, 0.22 A to 0.17 A, max. 9.5 W

Working Temperature/Humidity:
Temperature: 10 °C to 35 °C(Indoor and windless environment use only)
Humidity: 95% or less

Protection Level:
IP66 Standard
TVS 6000V lightning protection, surge protection, voltage transient protection

Dimensions: 376.1 mm × 119.1 mm × 118.1 mm (14.81" × 4.68" × 4.65")

Weight: Approx. 1.82 kg (4.01 lb)


Our system is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Increased body temperature does not indicate a specific illness or Covid-19. Always seek professional medical attention if you have a fever or symptoms.

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