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Comprehensive Remote Guarding Helps to Protect Valuable Property, Buildings, and Work Sites Reducing or Eliminating the Need for on Site Guards

Our custom surveillance solution can save tens of thousands over the life of a project not only from reduced guard labour costs but a reduction in claims.

man watching business security cameras

Saving Your Company Time & Money

Our clients have saved thousands with our remote guard systems from:

  • Subcontractor damage to hydro infrastructure and machinery
  • WCB claims due to contractor error/negligence
  • On site staffing/labour performance issues
  • Reduced theft and damage to property from vandals

Comprehensive Loss Prevention Technologies

Having the ability to not only view the site remotely but communicate immediately to the site allows us to PREVENT a loss from occurring instead of just waiting for the police to arrive. We want to apprehend criminals but the goal of our systems is to protect your assets.

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